How Muliti Focal Lenses Provides Solution to Our Vision Problems

Due to age Presbyopia intensifies and you loose the ability to focus at varying distances. These are extremely important for people who have difficulty in focusing at different distances. Many consider that multifocal are considerably difficult to get used to and certain amount of blurring is inevitable. Experts argue that multifocal lenses can make the vision sharper with limited blurring compared to bi focal lenses.

Helps clearer vision in the case of cataract patients

Cataract is a disease where the natural lens of the eye has deposits resulting in loss of eye vision. But a cataract operation is a simple procedure where in the doctors remove the lens and fits bifocal or multifocal lenses. The multifocal lenses or progressive lenses make adaptation to the new lens much easier. It helps to focus at multiple distances by shifting its position in the eye and makes the patient much more comfortable.

Multifocal contact lenses are useful for patients suffering from Presbyopia which is an age related eye vision problem resulting in the blurring of the vision. Multifocal lenses help in creating a balance thus reducing the blurring of the boundaries and bring in sharper vision. Moreover it is easy to adopt and does not require the frequent adjustment of your head to see clearly.

Better Option for Close and Long Distance Reading

With the use of contact lens, we can have a better tolerance for long and distance when reading. Also, wearing contacts makes the wearer a visual freedom as it performs the natural vision that our eyes can provide.