How the Local Weather Conditions may Affect your Solar Power System and its benefits in the Long Run

There is no doubt that buying solar power in Brisbane is worth every penny. The benefits of using solar energy in your day to day life are plenty; one of them is that it contributes a lot to green revolution. But then, you should also be aware of the effects of weather on the solar panels. Mounted on the roof, surface tilted towards the sky, they are always exposed to all types of weather conditions. They may look a bit delicate, but they are built to withstand quite a few extreme weather conditions. They are mostly not hampered. However, severe weather conditions may still affect the panels to a certain extent.


One of the commonest effects of weather on solar power panels is that they tend to reduce the panels’ capacity to absorb energy. Clouds that cover the sun cut 50 per cent of Photovoltaic (PV) energy absorption. It usually depends upon the amount of daylight diffused. If you are living in any desert area, dust storms will easily reduce the PV energy absorption to a considerable level. Blowing dust will cover the daylight and reduce the amount of sunlight on the solar panels. This reduction can be as low as 40 per cent. And in winter, the snowfall covers the surfaces of your photovoltaic array and absorption of solar energy is reduced to a great extent.

Severe hailstorms may crack the PV array. And the effects of lightening could be much worse. Stronger winds have the same effect, too.

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