How to Avoid Accidents while Inline Skating?

Regardless of their ages, you should teach your kids a few basic rules of inline skating that will help prevent accidents. Firstly, kids should avoid roller skating in crowded areas or areas full of traffic and they should also watch out for road hazards. Ask them to avoid sand, oil, water and other such slippery stuff. If your kids are skating on the pavement, they should yield to other pedestrians.

Follow the passing rules in your country while roller skating. Your kids should master the techniques of striding, turning and stopping before they are allowed to roller blade. They should always skate on a smooth and flat surface wearing proper safety equipment and gear that are in perfect working order.

Protective Gear

Roller blading gear can help protect against serious roller skating injuries and minimise the impact of falls. Some necessary equipment your kids require are knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads, bright coloured, fluorescent clothing and a helmet. Protective gear must fit snugly.

Preventive Measures

The following preventive measures can keep skating accidents at bay. Do not multi task while skating. Inline skating should not be combined with walking the dog or chatting over the phone. Ask your kids not to skate in low visibility conditions, during fog or at night. Teach your children the dangers of wearing headphones or portable radios that minimise the effectiveness of the head safety gear.

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