How to Customize or Choose an Environment Friendly Garden Design

Environment friendly gardening is all about working with nature. The design you choose should always depend upon the site you have. For instance, a wetland area may look a lot different from that of tiny grassland. An ideal environment friendly garden should be made up of native species that can become home for butterflies and birds. House renovation contractors can help you a great deal when it comes to designing an eco-friendly garden.

Some pesticides tend to kill many creatures while trying to get rid of one or two bugs. By taking care of such things, you will create an environment friendly garden that provides food and shelter to butterflies and birds. On the other hand, growing delicious fruits and vegetables will keep you healthy.

Use Water Wisely

Using small quantity of water doesn’t mean less greenery. It all depends upon the type of plants and the design you have chosen. Reducing the usage of water not only saves water but also inspires good combinations of plants. Sometimes when you use too much water, some plants may die. Use water carefully, depending upon the plants.

Make sure to evaluate your lawn before anything. Your kids and your pets may need some space to play in the grass. You may want to reduce the size of your lawn. Check if some grasses need only a small quantity of water to flourish. Growth of plants and grasses not only depends upon water but also on climate.

For a less maintenance lawn, some people opted to use artificial grasses in their garden.

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