How to Deal with Noisy Neighbours

The neighbours may not be as good as you thought. Suggesting them to do something might annoy them and they might react in an unexpected way.

Every time there is a noise, note it down. Also note down every conversation and every incident. This is because if the neighbours don’t change, these notes might be useful while filing an official complaint. The notes should be detailed (e.g. how long conversations lasted, what was the type and level of noise and how it affected others).

Think about home loan – officials take every small and big detail related to you for reference. If you fail to pay back, these details will help the officials.

Lodge a complaint

A good neighbour would always cooperate with you and your problem should be solved in the first or second step. However, if none of the above things work, contact your local authorities. You can find their numbers in the directory.

You can also call the non-emergency numbers of your police station. Local authorities typically issue a notice to the neighbour. Here, all your notes will come handy. The notice will have all the details and will order the neighbour to reduce noise or pay penalty.

Go to a court

Home loans are expensive and you must already be paying the interests. If you’re still left with enough money, if the neighbour is still rude and if the above steps don’t work, go to a court.

If the court feels you’re correct and the noise levels in the neighbourhood are high, it might issue a notice. Failure to adhere to it might even result in your neighbour being prosecuted. The best thing however is to arrive at a peaceful settlement.

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