How to Detect a Water Leak in Your House?

Water leaks are common problems which can happen to occur anytime. Usually leaking taps and leaking toilets leads to a lot of water waste. It can turn out to be an expensive affair, if the leak continues without being detected. Detecting water leaks will save your water bills and will stop the precious water going to drain without any use. Call the leak detection plumbing service from Gold Coast immediately.

Hiring a plumber is the first step you can take to save water and prevent water loss. But before that, leaks need to be detected. Some simple steps can help you find leaks at your household.

Washing your hands after going to washroom should be your norm. Researchers suggest that a ten second washing of hands on a running water is enough to remove the germs clinging on them.

Check your Toilet

Check the cistern in your toilet. A leak in the toilet cistern leads to a lot of water waste. Remove the flap of the cistern and listen carefully, if you hear any hiss sound, that means, there is some leak in the cistern.

If you don’t hear any sound coming from the cistern and want to be double sure, you can ensure that by a simple test. Mix few drops of food colour in the cistern tank. Don’t flush the water for 15 minutes at least, and then watch if there is any colouring in the cistern tank. Colouring signifies leakage.

Check Your Water Meter Box

Remove the meter lid for checking your water meter box. Now, watch your water meter. If it is still and not moving, that means there is no leak at all. But if it is moving fast, that is a clear sign that there a leak somewhere in your house.

The floor plan of your house is the detailed design drawn by your home builder.

When thinking to buy a property, hire a building inspector to help you decide about it. They will check if the property is worth investing or not.

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