How to Do Concrete Drilling

Concrete drilling is known to be a very advantageous and convenient method. You could possibly hang drawings, paintings, set up shelves and any other ornaments you could use through utilizing concrete drilling. This article will provide you some tips on how to do concrete drilling.

• Rent or purchase a good drilling equipment – it is necessary to use a good drilling equipment so you can be sure of its quality. You must choose a drilling equipment that has hammering capability, better grip handle, powerful, good speed and depth setting. It is never recommended to use low cost equipment with lesser power as it would be hard to bore a hole into the concrete and some might not even become deep as you expected. Choosing a high quality drill machine is suggested so you can get positive results with your concrete drilling.

• Know more about your equipment – it is crucial to know more about your machine before you start using it. You should read the user manual carefully and comprehend well about the entire functionalities of the equipment and how to use them. Be sure that you feel comfortable holding your equipment prior to proceeding the next tip.



• Decide the deepness of the hole – other drilling equipment have depth setting which is a great feature. You can read the user’s book to get to know how to utilize this special feature. But if your drilling equipment does not acquire the depth setting feature, then you can manually measure and put a mark on your preferred depth utilizing a pen or a tape.

• Hold the drilling equipment well – take a grasp on the drilling equipment with a single hand just like holding a gun, having your index finger placed on the trigger. If your equipment has another handle made for the other hand, then utilize it. If it does not have another handle, then you could have your other hand placed at the equipment’s back.

• Put a mark – utilizing a pen, you can put a mark on the wall where you desire to do the concrete drilling. You could put a little cross or just a little circle. Ensure that the mark is not very large. Then you can set your drill just on your marked spot then exert adequate pressure to stay the equipment in place. Never press it very hard. You can now start drilling utilizing a slow speed. Create a hole that is not too deep to serve as guide.

• Start drilling deep – utilizing higher speed with the hammering capability of the equipment, start drilling on the shallow hole you created from the last step. You have to exert more force specifically if your equipment is not powerful enough. If your equipment also does not have a hammering capability, then pull the drill after some seconds and push it again back into the hole. You can stop after you have achieved your preferred depth.

• Adjust – occasionally, if you’re a first timer, the result could not be what you expected so maybe you need to adjust the hole again.

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