How to File A Worker’s Compensation Claims

Either done independently or with the help of Workers Compensation Lawyers, the filing of a claim is very critical to get your compensation. It should be done within a predefined period and you can take the employee claim form from your employer. This claim can be then contested by the employer or the insurance company followed by a court hearing. You can get as much as ½ to 2/3 of monetary compensation which is completely tax free. This can help you to get the amount which you were getting prior to your injury. It can also help in covering the medical expenses.

An important part of the workers compensation claims process is undergoing the independent medical examination (IME) which is done by the doctor selected by the insurance company and the results are provided to the insurance company. This report is used for calculating the compensation. Therefore it is important that you are observant when you are undergoing such a medical examination to avoid any kind of ambiguity. You should ask questions related to the compensation claim and also take notes about the comments from doctors which can use in the court hearing.

If the injury was sustained at the workplace, then it is important to seek the assistance of a specialised attorney who has extensive experience in the field of workers compensation claims. This is even more important if you feel that the claim might be challenged either by the insurance company or your existing or past employer.

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