How to Fix Concrete Pits

Frequent usage, exposure to various factors and salt could eventually cause destruction to your concrete after quite some time. Concretes are not flawless, and pitting is actually one of the initial sign that your concretes require repair. If you happen to see concrete pits in your place, you could actually fix it with your own hands and skills without the need to employ costly contractors to have the whole pitted concrete replaced. The primary solution to conserving your concretes is to begin fixing the concrete pits immediately.

To do the concrete pit repair, you have to prepare the following things: concrete mix, wire brush, epoxy, little trowel, and chisel. Once you have all these things in hand, have the concrete pits ready to be filled. This may cover clearing any dirt, rubbles, little stones and soils. Loose debris in the pits would only make it more difficult for the new concretes and epoxy to stick to the old concrete. Wire brushes are usually utilized to clean and clear the concrete pits from loose dirt. Nonetheless, if there are still dirt in the pits, you could brush off the area with a broom or you could as well utilize a hose so that any dirt would be flushed off. Then leave the concretes to dry.



Repair little concrete pits which have a diameter of a half inch or tinier through utilizing a premixed epoxy. If you do not have an epoxy, you could actually utilize any latex repair materials which are particularly created for concretes. These materials could actually be bought in any local shops and are usually available in kits or in tubes with insulation gun.

Smoothen the concretes which you have fixed through utilizing the little trowel. You could do the same process again to level it with the old concrete if ever the epoxy has sunken down. It is recommended that you leave the patch to completely dry and settle for about twenty four hours.

To repair bigger concrete pits and breakages, you have to utilize the chisel so you could chip away the end part of the pits. It is suggested that you have to widen the end part of the pits, making it wider than the hole’s opening. This would guarantee that your repair would last long because concretes are basically susceptible to expanding and shrinking after quite some time. Once you are done chipping away the end part of the pits, clear the place in the same way mentioned in cleaning little pits.

Create a cement mixture with just the appropriate amount you need. Then in a slow manner, you start pouring the cement into the pits. Utilize the trowel once you are done pouring in order to smoothen the new cement. Carefully construct the concretes until evens with the old concrete. Do not disturb the fixed concretes for about three days. Maintain the dampness of the concretes but do not totally wet it. You could maintain its dampness through spraying a little water all over the place and cover it with plastics as the concrete heals.

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