How to Place Your Surround Sound System Equipment Properly for your Home Theatre

There is a reason why it is called ‘Surround Sound’, because when you are watching a movie with this on you feel like the sound emanates from every corner of the room you are in and not just from the centre screen. So when a character on the left of the screen speaks, it is your left speaker that perks up and you feel as if someone on you left has actually spoken the words.

When a plane flies from left to right, you hear the rumble of its flight pass through the speakers in your home theatre system and the visual you see is thus supported by what you hear, creating a never-before like experience in your movie watching.

But to get this effect, you need to know where to place the speakers so as to get the maximum out of them. Let us how you how!

Displace the center speaker

Technically speaking, the center speaker should be dead center of your room. But if you displace it slightly from the center, you will get better results. So in the 15 feet wide room we talked of above, your center speaker should be placed 7 feet from one wall, and 8 feet from the other to get a better and smoother response.

Avoid locating the main listening seats against a wall

The reason why you should not place the main listening seats against any wall is because the room effect known as ‘standing waves’ emphasizes low frequencies and the bass can get disturbed instead of staying smooth and well balanced.