How To Prevent False Alarm at Home

If you are going to be doing any  renovation or construction works at home then you should be careful of your alarm system. There is a higher chance of false alarms if there is a lot of construction work going on. The workers moving about and fiddling with the electrical system can lead them to set off the alarm systems. Take care to turn it off properly and clearly mark out the electrical wiring of your alarm systems so the workers can avoid it.

Weather conditions

One of the causes of false alarms is the weather conditions especially when there are storms or harsh winds. There is the chance that the violence of the storms and the quick winds can cause the house to shake triggering the alarm. Or drafts entering the house through an opened window can cause the breakable items to fall and set off an alarm.

Maintain your alarm system properly

Often your alarm systems are faulty and this is the reason for all the false alarms. Check for any changes to your security or fire system in the event that they may have been hacked into and as a result they are malfunctioning. Don’t try to solve the problem yourself and contact a trained alarm technician for advice and in order to prevent false alarms from happening.

All System User Codes, Contact Information and Personal Identification Codes should be kept in a safe place and be constantly updated. Alarm systems should be reviewed often so you can be assured that all parts are working well without any issue.

Also, it is for your benefit to have your alarm system checked to see that it is working properly, and also, make sure all parts of it is fully functional. An alarm system is used to prevent the burglaries from entering your house to take valuable items like your home theatre, jewelries and others. So it is crucial to prevent any false alarm from this.

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