A Guide to Kneeboarding for Beginners

In 1965 towed boards were gaining popularity so many people made homemade boards similar to kneeboards to tow behind the motor boats. Sooner or later different activities related to the sport came into picture like, kneeling, jumping, turning, etc. Kneeboarding is an interesting sport full of thrill where the selection of a kneeboard should be proper for performing the tricks. If you are a beginner then considering a few things will help you enjoy this water sports to the fullest and perform the tricks as well.

The belly starts

One of the most common and basic start is belly start on the kneeboards. You need to lay on your belly and the strap should be forward and pointing towards the front part or main edge of the board. The front edge should not be sticking to the water and place one hand on one side of the board holding the rope and the other on the other side, keeping it stable. When boat moves, pull your knees in front where you must not lean in the front and simply keep your weight back. Once you are able to balance, leave the rope and pull strap and where you feel comfortable just tighten it, arms should be bent slightly and extended.


The real intricacies of the game start once the rider hits the water. The rider must commence with his back toward the boat without losing a firm grip on the handle. Then the driver must be given a proper signal. Once the movement starts the hands must be kept straight. The knees should not be apart. The rider is always advised not to get up on his feet. The fast flow of the water will gradually bring the knees closer to the chest. See Liquid Force wakeboards

It is important for you to learn how to swim and check the weather condition before you go into any water sports activity. Do not forget to use safety equipment like a life jacket.