How to Teach Children About Waste Management Techniques

Waste management which can highly be achieved through waste segregation is an important lesson which has to be taught to children in their growing years. This not only helps them in understanding the methods of waste disposal but also makes them aware of the benefits which they can gain through properly allocating the waste products in their regular day to day life. Here are a few simple ways through which you can change children’s perception about waste management.

Make art out of waste

Children can be taught to use paper made out of waste or recycled plastic bottles during their craft classes held at schools. This not only develops the cognitive ability of the child but also helps the child to understand that waste can be made into useful things if reused. Children can also be made to exhibit their waste product crafts in front of an audience to make them understand the various ways in which waste can be used. See skip hire Perth

Teach children to create a compost pit

Once the waste segregation process is complete, children can be taught about the usefulness of wet waste and should be allowed to dig a hole in the backyard, into which they can bury all the organic waste and let it decompose to get organic compost. Further these children can be made known about the importance of this compost by making them grow flowers or vegetables and use this compost as a fertilizer. This activity will be fun along with learning.

Reference: Waste Management Project