How to Wash and Clean your Beach Towels Without Ruining the Texture

Beach towels are one of the pricey towels having very fine and high quality material used in them, which make them soft and comfortable. They are usually very durable and you can keep using them over and over again.

Shake out Sand

Sandy towels should be properly agitated before soaking them into washing machine. Sand tends to make the feathers of towels rough and abrasive. Moreover, directly soaking sandy towel into hot water will make sand settle in the feathers of towel, and no matter how dedicatedly you wash them, they will get permanently dirty look.

Vinegar Method

Drench your towels in extremely hot water and add one to two cups of vinegar in that. While trying this method, don’t use fabric softener, detergents, or any other thing like that. Turn on the washer of the washing machine, as you do for doing normal washings.

After that, make high heat setting in the washing machine and properly dry the towel. Once the beach towel is completely dry, spread it in the open air where it can get adequate sunlight.

Ammonia Method

Soak Poncho beach towels for kids in the washing machine, add washing detergent into the machine, and start spinning the towel. Always use hottest water for the purpose of washing beach towels. While the towel is still getting rinsed, add one cup of pure ammonia into it.

Set the washing machine for spinning and rinsing the towel, as you do for normal washings. Dry the towel thoroughly by making high heat settings, and spread the towel in sunny and open area.

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