Importance of Making Your Website More Interactive

With the internet ruling our world the way it does now, it is very important for companies and businesses to have a virtual presence. Websites, mobile sites, apps – these are all various ways in which companies are making their presence felt, and as the world of online marketing grows bigger, it keeps throwing up its own set of problems. The first bit has to deal with website designing and is related to the way a user navigates the flow of information on the site.

User Interaction and website popularity

In today’s world of two second attention spans, the hardest task for any website is to keep the user hooked on to the site for long enough so that his interest is piqued and he does what the website is engineered to make him do – an action favourable to the company’s market. For a website to become popular, it is very important that the user interaction on the site be high. Facebook is a prime example if a website that has won hearts worldwide due to its high user interaction level. A website that has high user interaction levels not only earns brownie points from the users, but it also makes the user feel connected to the brand and its messaging and the return rate of users coming back to the site is therefore higher.

One way to make your website more interactive is by adding a “call buttons” and making them more recognisable. You need to make sure also the the messaging part on your website is user-friendly.