Important Features of Commercial Food Processor

The commercial food processors are one of the commonly used kitchen equipment at home or in food businesses. When thinking to buy food processors, you should check the following qualities:

A substantial warranty

Usually a commercial food processor will have a reliable warranty of at least a year. If the manufacturer of the food processor is very well known for good quality, an extended warranty period might be given. The motor used in the food processor needs to be good to fulfill the warranty period. Certain companies offer warranty even on the individual parts of the food processor, which is quite assuring and promising. Though you may spend a little more while buying the processor, you end up saving a lot in the long run.

Additional Functions

Food processors have improved so much that they offer certain additional functions which reduce the workload in the kitchen. Functions such as making dough, whipping cream, shredding cabbage, mincing garlic, cutting French fries, grating fresh coconut and making dips and sauces have become so convenient with a quality commercial food processor. So, before you shop for a food processor, make sure you have all the components attached to the food processor, or at least the components are easily available to be bought.

Safe parts which can be used in dishwasher

It might be very frustrating to clean the food processor after every use and that too almost every day. Always buy food processors whose components are dishwasher safe, so that you can avoid cleaning it manually. Food processors which have sharp edges and deep places which are inaccessible are not safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher. So always double check before buying a commercial food processor.

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