Is there a Difference between a Web and Graphic Designer

Many people are confused by these two professions and do not have much information regarding the functions and job descriptions of either of them. While the difference in their names is subtle, their functions are different. So knowing the difference between a graphics designer and a website designer is very important. This is especially if you are planning to seek the help of any one of them for your next project, or if you are planning to drive your career in any one of these fields.

Graphic designers

Graphics designers are all about aesthetics, decorations and designs. They are artists in the real sense. There are more graphic designers than web designers in the world. A graphic design involves image manipulations, logos and print designs, anything which requires designing. This can be advertisements for print or internet, newspaper layouts, magazine designs, brochures, billboards, banners, film posters, album covers and booklets, t-shirt design, visiting cards and even website designs.

Web designers

Web designers are in a sense, also designers, but they carry the technical knowledge of creating a website. Unlike a graphic designer, the work of a web designer revolves only around the World Wide Web. They are responsible for creating some of the most beautiful and the most innovative websites ever to exist.

However, designing is only a part of a web designer’s job description. The web designer is tasked to create and maintain the backbone of the website as well which is the HTML.

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