Looking for an Adventure in Broome?

Broome is a peninsula in western Australia where culture is overflowing and where the wilderness is juxtaposed with the vastness of the sea. Surely there are a lot of things to do in Broome that will surely quench that thrill seeking spirit of adrenaline junkies. Here is a list of things to do in Broome that one should not miss for a memorable and adventure filled trip:

  • Visit the horizontal waterfalls found between the McLarty Ranges. Also known as “Horries”, these waterfalls run horizontally rather than vertically. This due to a natural phenomenon brought about by the currents of the Indian Ocean. Each waterfall reaches around 25 meters in diameter and surely are sights to behold. This is one of the must go to places whether by boat or plane and one should definitely include this in their itinerary. Aside from seeing this great wonder, tourists can also interact with the people who live there – the and Balangarra, Bardi Jawa, Uunguu, and Dambimangari indigenous communities.
  • Enjoy a sunset ride with the camels. You can book your ticket online in advance and enjoy a hassle free and relaxing ride on the gentle giants. You can even have your picture taken with the wonderful sunset as a background and create your own photographic album.
  • Ride a Hovercraft. This is one of the unique things to do in Broome. By riding a hovercraft, you can go to remote places that cannot be reached by any other transportation. Enjoy the scenery as you hover over the ocean, tidal flats and sand bars while learning about the history of Broome.
  • Some other things to do in Broome for the thrill seeker is go whale watching in the open waters of the Kimberly. Broome is known to be home to the Humpback whales. The largest pods are known to swim in the waters and give birth to their young there. And thus there is not a better place to be to enjoy the company of these magnificent creatures.
  • Go kayaking and enjoy the calm waters while having a chance to view the amazing scenery as well as learn about the marine life. Bird watching is also an enjoyable activity while kayaking.
  • Plan a safari. The Sacred Earth Safari offers tours to families and small groups. The tour will allow you to explore the many interesting places in Broome and outside Broome such as the Kakadu, the Kimberley, the Pilbara and West Coast and through Outback