Maintenance Tips for Forklifts

Forklifts, like any other type of vehicles should have a proper maintenance. Though this is a heavy duty vehicle, with the constant lifting and transporting of heavy items, some malfunction to its’ part might occur. To avoid this, forklift service technician should monitor and inspect it every single day. Check the maintenance tips below:

Maintain records

It helps to maintain records of the performance of the forklift so that when a problem occur it’s easier to trace its source. There must be a technician who performs basic maintenance checks as described in the forklift manual on a daily basis. The results of the checks should be documented in a manual and kept for future reference.

Only a certified technician should be called in to investigate the causes of concern in a forklift. In case your regular technician is absent, call in an expert compliance officer to inspect the machine. The compliance officer should ideally consult the records of the past performance of the forklifts before he arrives at any conclusion.

Not keeping records will make it seem that no maintenance work has ever been done on the forklifts and the forklift usage license may be revoked. Check the forklift licence Brisbane.

Battery maintenance tips

Make sure that all manual instructions are followed when charging the forklift. The connections should be sound and it’s better to have a daily double check in order to prevent accidents. Water should be added after charging as the electrolyte balance is increased. Adding water before charging will hamper the performance of your battery. Ensure that your forklifts batteries are kept squeaky clean. In case of electrolyte spills immediately neutralise the effects with baking soda. Ideally you should charge the batteries in a cool room with lots of ventilation so that the temperature of the battery is not abnormally raised during charging.

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