Making the Most of Trade Shows on a Budget

Participating in a trade show is one of the best ways you can get customer attention. Public exposure is important when you want your goods and services to have a wide reach. Not only do trade shows bring in a lot of public attention but they also bring in relevant public attention. However if you are operating within a budget then you have to follow some tips to ensure that the trade shows do not burn a hole in your pocket.

Use unconventional displays

You don’t always have to use customised professionally made displays for making an impact. Use your imagination and use scrap materials to make the back bone of your exhibition displays. Empty bottles, old tyres, plastic sheets and cardboard sheets are inexpensive options. Thinking out of the box will also save you quite a bit of money. There are a lot of different material options out there like cloth, jute and even bamboo canes that can create stunning displays. Promotional Pens

Keep your safety kit handy

Your safety kit for exhibition displays should be a bag full of bobby pins, cellotape, scissors, markers, glue and a big pack of colours with brushes. If one of your old displays faces an emergency situation then you will have to do a quick repair job with your kit. For example if you see a black spot on one of your banners, colour it over with the base colour and people won’t notice the difference.

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