Matching Engagement Rings for you and your Partner

With more and more men showing in interest in engagement rings, jewellers too are offering matching sets for both partners. Such rings are designed to align on style and components and are similar on certain aspects. Matching designer engagement rings usually are crafted from a similar metal such as palladium, 18ct gold or platinum. Even the colour of gold will be the same shade of rose, white or yellow for both the rings. The same finish i.e. hammered, matte or high polish along with the same motif will adorn them. And if you opt for gemstones such as diamond, sapphire, ruby or emeralds…these too would be set in identical patterns on both the engagement bands.

Styles for Matching Engagement Bands

Sets of matching engagement rings come either in classic traditional designs or modern styles. Classic bands can be just a plain gold or platinum ring without any gemstone. However, you can still embellish this further by opting for a smooth matte finish (the dull glitter of gold) or for the glitz and shine of high-polish finish. Classic bands also come with smooth rounded edges or straight edges (flat bands) that look so precise and strong.

Modern styles incorporate a mind-boggling range of designs that can be as simple as an inlaid border, a subtle ridge encircling a stone or a hammered finish for a unique texture.

You can also mark your loyalty permanently by etching the special date on the inside of both the matching engagement rings along with your names. This is a great way of personalizing your wedding rings and making it truly exclusive.