Medical Procedures You Should Be Aware of When Accident Happens

Most of the sports injuries consist of strains and sprains and the common procedure followed is the RICE method. It involves resting and supporting the limb followed by application of ice and cold compress. You can continue to compress the limb by applying gentle pressure and elevate the limb to reduce the blood pressure to the area.

Fractures and dislocation

Immobilize yourself or the patient and support the affected area so that you do not aggravate the injury. Use any long object to create a splint which would immobilize the area and control the bleeding by applying pressure or by applying the sterile gauze pads.

Fever and convulsions

For fever you can apply a soaked pad and provide a antipyretic drug to bring the fever down. Sponging the body may help in reducing the temperature and you could continue to administer fever reducing drugs at a four hour interval. During convulsions you need to keep the patient safe and remove all tight clothing and objects away from the patient. Support the patient and keep him comfortable till help arrives.

It is important that people are aware of basic medical procedures like CPR which would breathe in new life during an heart attack or basic treatment in case of a fall or bleeding. Basic medical procedures help the patient to survive from personal injury and also save lives.

Provide adequate medical attention

Seniors need immediate medical attention in case of any injury. It is important that medical care is assured and all the procedures are taken care of while counseling the aged. This would greatly reduce the burden and the support would be greatly appreciated.

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