Merits And Demerits Of Corporate Uniforms

Owing to the fact that the modern day organization is constantly seeking ways to rebrand its image, it comes as no surprise that corporate uniforms are means derived to assist In this. It can be noted that this change is occurring at a gradual process as not all companies are partaking in it yet! Most companies have changed up from the ordinary dress code to now having staff members wear corporate uniforms. It helps to present a unified professional image of the workforce. With all these things in mind, it begs the question of if this switch up is really merited in the company. The following are valid reasons to justify why corporate uniforms are important:

1. Reduced cost of clothing for the employees as they do not feel the need to constantly update their wardrobes in line with current fashion trends.
2. Due to color and style of attire, strangers can easily be identified in the workplace.
3. The staff is made to follow dress codes provided by the company.
4. The uniformity in appearance creates an image of the company being serious about its brand

Although the switch up has its benefits, the dark side also exists and leaves the question of whether dictating corporate uniforms are really a good idea. The following are salient reasons as to why corporate clothing may not be worth it.

1. The cost of salaries as well as clothing for the staff is borne by the company. If costs continue increasing for a company, its income may not be able to cover it which can result in a loss.
2. It restricts self-expression as the company’s image is forced upon the staff

Although self-expression and creativity is usually attributed to an artistic environment, that does not change the fact that work uniforms can dampen employee spirit. In some cases, employers feel that creativity and eccentricity do not have to be showcased through clothing but rather through productivity. Irrespective if grievances on the part if the staff, once company dictates they wear uniforms, they have no option that to wear it. As for the cost associated with staff wardrobe, it can be claimed back during calculation of tax liability as long as the brand of the company is represented on the clothing item.

If your aim is to improve or brush up on corporate image using the staff as one of the primary components, this is a win – win situation for both staff and company alike. But attention has to be paid to the type of clothing combination to keep the staff comfortable and maintain happy moods.