How To Determine If You Need Professional Termite Inspection Or Not

If you are troubled by some termites that might be probably nesting in your own house due to some scratching and itchiness you and your loved one might feel, you might wonder what to do next. Almost all the time, people are quiet nervous on something and make hasty decisions which might cause their loved one’s health in danger.

As a parent, you must never do irresponsible decisions that might endanger your children. You need to be calm first and ask around some people you are close with as to what you should do for that. With that, here are the factors that you might check before hiring the service of a professional termite inspection company:

  • If your door’s wood is hollow inside. The wood used in your house is a very good place for a termite to live. The wood that is damaged by a termite is usually hollow in the inside and you can see that there are lots of holes in it. If you will tap this word, you can hear a dull thud or sound. The wood may appear like it is crushed at some points. You can see that there is a lining of mud or soil in the feeding galleries. To be sure, you can pick and check the surface of a termite-infested wood with a stick or small knife and you will surely see a tunnel which is parallel to the wood’s grain.
  • A winged termite inside the house. You can actually observe this especially if there is a bright light. This is because these termites will fly their way to the light. They came from the left-out woodpiles, tree stumps or any locations within the yarn. Often times, it is not a reason for you to be alarmed especially if the termites did not came from the inside. However, if you can see a winged termite coming out from the foundation wall or porches and patios of your house, there is a great possibility that these termites are nesting inside your home. Treatment, aside from termite inspection may be needed for this.
  • Presence of mud tubes. This is especially for the subterranean termites since these kinds of termites are nesting in the ground. They are building these mud tubes which are about the size of the pencil, and this mud tube will connect their nest to the food source. Mud tubes are one of the indicators that your house is infested by termites. Even if there are no mud tubes visible, do not assume that there are no termites nearby. You may destroy the mud tubes to check whether the termites are still active or not. You can see that the new tubes are muddy and wet and those old tubes are dry and can be easily crumbled.

Termites are one of the insects that you should worry about. That is because termites can cause damage which will reach up to billions of dollars per year. They may feed primarily on wood, but they can also damage papers and document, insulation (which might cause fire) and filtration system. Contact Brisbane termite inspections as they can help you in getting rid of these dangerous termites.