Packing and Storing Perishable Foods

Vegetables like mushrooms, which are already soft, tend to get soggy and wrinkled if placed in a wet cloth or a paper towel before placing them in the commercial refrigerator. You could either store them in the container in which it is delivered or store them in zipper bags, which is slightly opened at top for air circulation. This helps in maintaining the quality of the mushrooms even after you use some of them.

Similarly fish will remain fresh when you place in it a zipper bag and place the bag over a few pieces of ice in the chilled tray, which is present at the back of the refrigerator. As it is the coldest part of the refrigerators, it helps the fish in retaining the needed moisture and taste.

Use the original container

Eggs tend to get spoilt soon if not placed in a cold place in the commercial refrigerator. Also the packing which is already present on the egg prevents it from rotting. But keeping the egg for too long, say after three weeks can be harmful. Similarly, butter which tends to pick up different odours from the various ingredients can be best stored in the freezer in the original packed container. This preserves it from getting rancid and maintains it texture for up to four months. View here the commercial Ovens

Fruit Juices

Cranberries have long been touted as the panacea to female health issues like PMS, and urinary tract infections. The slightly alkaline nature of the juice rids your urinary tract of disease causing bacteria, while the antioxidants help in relieving cramps.

Mixed vegetable juice

A mixed vegetable juice helps you combine all the goodness of different vegetables in one juice. It also helps make the taste of some ingredients like spinach, watercress, or kale more palatable.

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