Penalties of Drug Possession

Community service either consists of courses to better the temperament and character or acts of social benefit. You will have to do unpaid work at a center specified by parole and probating or you might have to learn management at a disciplinary center. This will be levied on you only if you match up the conditions specified by the probationary officer. You will also have to undergo medical assessment before being involved in community work.

Sentence which is suspended

This is intricately connected with good behaviour bonds. If the court imposes a sentence on you that can be suspended provided you agree to enter a bond this condition is called a suspended sentence. This falls under section 12 and the max limit of suspended sentence is 2 years.

Fines for drug charges

This is the most common type of punishment inflicted by the local court on Drug Possession Charges. The judge or the magistrate will surely consider your current financial condition and your resources before levying a fine. If you feel that you are still unable to pay the fine you may ask your lawyer to negotiate on your behalf.

Bonds of good behaviour

Sometimes the court may decide not to punish you at all if you are at your best behaviour. A good behaviour bond is where you have to abide by certain strict conditions fixed by the court for a specific period of time. The maximum duration of such a bond is 5 years. You will be obliged to follow these rules unless you want to incur further punishment.