Placing Home Theatre Systems in Large, Spacious Rooms

Most home theatre systems have a surround sound technology. In laymen terms what this means is that the sounds in the movie or the picture you are watching are relayed to you not just from the screen but also from different speakers placed left, right, and centre.

So when you watch a ‘Star Trek’ movie and the starship swooshes from left to right you hear the noise travel right through the gamut of speakers placed around you, and in this way the visual effects in the movie are supported by the auditory effects to create an enthralling experience. If you were to place your theatre speakers in a closed room, you would not feel the same effect in the sound and the movie experience will be somewhat diminished.

The visual captivation

The prime reason why movie theatres are such engrossing places is because of the visual stimulation you receive while watching the movie. Your entire line of view is filled by one single screen. And since there is darkness everywhere else and you can hardly see a thing, your focus and all your senses are directed towards just one experience – watching the movie.

In a home theatre system, to be able to recapture the same effect, you need to be able to have a screen that is as large as it can get. A spacious room provides you with the luxury of buying the biggest screen possible. In fact, you can even turn an entire wall into a projection platform and watch movies king size!