Plumber: 7 Basic Tools

A plumber has a lot of responsibilities to do, they are highly capable of working not just on the usual water supply and cycle but as well as gas related concerns. Now, if you want to play as your home plumber, then it is necessary that you have these 7 important tools.

Tools that are needed by plumbers to perform their responsibilities can go complex and simple. If the work you would do is just within the household, then these 6 tools are almost enough for your to do on the task: (more complex tools, are to be used only by a professional plumber from Melbourne, as more often than not, they are to use to fix more complex plumbing issues.)

Tongue and groove pliers

This is one of the first tools that a plumber would use and reach as they perform any tasks, thus something that you need working as your own plumber. This will be used to pull, twist, loosen or tighten anything within the area to fix.

Pipe wrench

A tool use to loosen and tighten threaded pipes, nuts and fittings. You will be needing two, one for gripping and the other one for turning. You need to be a little careful though using the wrench as the teeth of this tools is serrated, thus this may damage your pipes if used incorrectly.



One of the most common plumber tools. Keeping a plunger within the household is a must, this comes in different sizes, this is your best partner to suck any foreign objects on sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, drains etc.

Tubing cutter

A tool perfect to perform cutting copper pipes. This will ensure that pipes will get cut the most accurate and cleanest way possible.

Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable tool that is highly versatile to work on different plumbing parts.

Plumber Snake

Also called as hand auger, it is a long and flexible cable steel that is use to clear out any obstructions from sinks, toilets, tubs, drain lines etc. This is used secondarily after plunger fails to remove foreign objects you are trying to flush or suck.

The 7 tools are just the basic, there are more to that if you want to ensure that you can perform the work of a plumber effectively. You have to make sure that all tools are handled and used with care as they might serve disaster instead of what they are really supposed to do.