Pop up Booths at Trade Shows Tips

Simplicity speaks volumes for your brand. Do not resort to cluttering your pop up booth with unnecessary graphics to draw attention. In trade shows, the exhibits need to be kept simple as possible else they are bound to send your potential clients to your eagerly awaiting rivals. Choose the best promotional products for your audience.

Utilize Stand-Off Graphics

A good amount of simple stand-off graphics can have a profound impact in adding a new dimension to your pop up booth. You can cleverly reorder them between trade shows or even substitute them with new ones to showcase your changing campaigns.

These tips if followed efficiently at trade shows will help in utilizing pop up booths to the best of your advantage to boost your brand and services.

Keep it Short

Though to describe your brand and services you may tend to be verbose but then anything that goes beyond the duration of 3 seconds is considered to be lengthy and not customer friendly in trade shows. Employ more of visual elements than words in your presentation to engage your audience.

Contrast Text with Background

The text style and colour you select to display your presentation in trade shows should be of contrasting colour to the background selected. This will ensure it is reader friendly and can be viewed clearly even from a distance. Also it is best to use a static background than a busy one to make it less challenging to read for your audience.


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