Cost of Producing a Professional Video



A few years back the idea of corporate video production was an expensive venture that not many businesses could afford. This is because it required the use of expensive equipment and expertise to shoot, edit and produce a good quality video. However, a lot has changed over time with businesses having different affordable options ranging from professional video production to do it yourself videos.

Whereas the truth about getting what you pay for still applies, advancements in technology make it easy for business to benefit from videography at a much higher quality and cheaper cost. After all our business world today is more receptive to corporate video production Sydney for every business to increase success chances. Even so, the cost of producing these videos has to be within a range that is affordable which several things as discussed below affect.

How much will a corporate video production cost?

This is the first question that all professional will ask when considering to hire videography services and for a good reason. This is a new question that clients have to ask. You would want it because it was a given expensive process. However the whys and how’s do not come up very often because the benefits are quite evident. The correct answer to the amount of cost is that it all depends on a number of things.

The cost of producing a video professionally is influenced by several things including time, talent and tools used. Either all these affect the cost upwards or downwards depending on the quality of video, you want. Unless they are looked into critically, it is impossible to determine for sure how much a corporate video production will cost and if it is worth it.


The more time is invested in pre-production planning, scripting, scouting for location, special effects and editing, the better the quality of the video will be. Adding more people to the production team also increases the amount of time spent on the product and as such indirectly affects the cost. More people, more time all translate to higher production costs.


The quality of your video is likely to be high if you have many talented and qualified persons working on it. Just as it is in most things in life, the better the quality of service the higher you will have to pay for it.


With improved technology today, it is possible to produce a video using your cell phone. It is also possible to use a high-end camera and professional expertise for high quality corporate video production. The choice you go for depends on personal preference and the amount of money you are willing to part with. The more sophisticated the equipment and professionalism, the higher the cost of production. This means that you need to be well prepared before settling for a production technique.