Reasons On Why Companies Still Spend A Lot of Money for Printing Business Documents

There are a lot of companies who keep hard copies of their documents though we are already in computer age. Here we examine the various reasons why you as a businessperson, or your company, should invest in printing services to manage a backup of hard copies of all important documents.

Hard copies are easier to distribute

Imagine you are giving a presentation or a business talk, and you would like each and everyone present there to have the important numbers right before their eyes so that they can absorb the impact of what you are saying. Now, asking everyone to connect to their mail so you can send them the document or to an online version of the document. There are some Luddites among us yet, and having a hard copy of the data just makes it easier to distribute and spread.

What kind of hard copies are important to keep?

You need not trouble your neighbourhood flyers printing services with requests to print each and every document ever created in your office. There are some documents that are very important to have as backups in your hard copy stash.

Documents like personal information about your customers, your tax statements and the company’s financial records, articles of formation and incorporation and other articles of similar nature, and corporate bylaws.

Articles relating to quarterly statements from than two years ago, receipts of small time business transactions that are piled up, documents of no long term importance – these can be removed from the stash as they will only add to the whole pile without being of any value.