Reasons why Family Violence is a Social Problem by and Large

It is important to address the issue of family violence in a cautious manner. A happy family is an important part of the social fabric. But the erosion of social values has given birth to several complications.

Violent relationships in families create a society which is morally unstable. The issue can be looked at closely from the following perspectives.

Violence in Rural Areas

There is a widespread prevalence of domestic violence in remote areas. Rural women are forced to accept a violent relationship at home. Financial insecurity and lack of confidence gives rise to a stressful relationship. Women are often afraid of going public with their views.

Rural men often nourish the concept that repressing emotion is part of their masculine identity. Constant isolation further complicates the issue at the emotional level. They must try to understand and address the issue in an effective manner. See Family Lawyer Sydney

Domestic Violence among the Elderly

The aged population often report physical violence at home. This has increased significantly in the last few years. The women face greater abuse than their male partners. Long term harassment is a strong possibility.

Age induces a diminishing trend in their cognitive functioning. Social alienation together with paucity of awareness makes them an easy prey. They are no longer fit to bring food to the table. Qualitative research is needed to create appropriate responses.

Reports of family violence must be dealt with compassion. Violence at the family level creates greater violence at the societal level.