Reasons You Should Uninstall Your Antenna When You Are Going To Be Away for a Long Period

You’re going on a holiday. All your packing is done. You have checked the house and switched off all the switches, faucets, and unplugged all probable electrical appliances. The whole house has been canvassed by you and it all looks well. And just when you’re stepping out the door, you reckon you may have missed something.

You head to your room and then the living room. Turns out what you were thinking was in fact true. The digital antenna is still plugged in.
You head up to the roof and uninstall it. At home again, you unplug the wires, check the television set, and all appears okay, and you walk out the door.
Have you found yourself in a similar situation, too?

Not many people realize this, but if you’re headed for a long hiatus away from home, it is important that you uninstall your antenna before taking off.

Climatic Conditions

There’ nothing else that could harm the digital antenna more. While you’re away and the climate in your city changes it could spell disaster for your digital antenna. In case of thunder or lightening, and if its hits on the antenna, it could disrupt your channels, and cause partial and complete impairment of the equipment. To avoid such a situation, it is best if you take out some time and uninstall the antenna. It is in your best interests to do, as the damages that could happen, could ruin the setup and connection completely.

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