Relying on Traditionally Printed Company Documents for Marketing Purposes

The CMYK technique is much simpler technique to print the newspapers and magazines and this technique is still being used. In this system the four colors are separated for creating four negatives using the four different colors. Then it is loaded to aluminum plates for printing the marketing material. It is a simple technique which helps to divide the four colors in any image printing in a proper manner. With digital printing it is not possible to do a color match unlike traditional printing. The corporate companies do care about the color when it comes to printing of marketing materials and therefore the traditional ways of printing takes the lead.

In the four color process you can add the inks and do the color matching because of Pantone matching system. For exact color matches and unique set of stocks the traditional printing method is more preferable.


For a high volume job of printing material in the corporate industry the traditional ways of commercial printing are used, but when it comes to printing low volume of material then digital printing is preferred. The traditional way of printing is much more fast and accurate when it comes to printing large stocks, but it is exactly the opposite when low volume materials are being printed. So, the need also plays a vital role when it comes to printing but in most of the cases, traditional methods are much more in demand which gives the right quality in desired timeline to the corporate entities.

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