Restaurant Refrigerators

Walk in freezers are perfect for your restaurant if you need to store huge quantities of food and you have good amount of storage space in your backyard. You can even set up a walk in refrigerator at your home backyard. Some restaurant owners put up specially designed shelving systems right inside their walk in fridges so that they optimally use up all the space. The ideal kind of food and beverages you can keep in a walk in are boxed foods, juice in packets and alcohol. While some walk ins’ may have their own floor, others simply use an existing floor.

Refrigeration prep tables

If you intent to use your commercial refrigeration system inside your kitchen then the refrigerated prep table should be your perfect choice. This is especially true if you serve continental food like pizza, sandwich and pasta. These prep tables have cold storage wells which are also known as cold rails. This system keeps food ingredients fresh and crispy. There are boxed doors below the prep table which can hold a variety of sauces, dressing and cooked food.

Pay attention to lighting

Your restaurant refrigerators are appliances which should be placed near adequate sources of light. You don’t want to take out turkey instead of bacon from the freezer at rush hour don’t you? Make sure that there are lights put directly above the space where you plan to put your fridge. Even if most commercial fridges have strong indoor lighting you must make sure that objects which are taken out are inspected thoroughly before use.

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