Robbery in Australia – Some Statistics

Robbery is an act or attempt at stealing property by physically attacking a person or threatening him. It includes:

  • physical assault which involved robbery
  • incidents of threat in the line of work

National crime statistics provide an indication of the level of crime in a country and form a basis for change. There are a number of ways in which this can be measured and a number of areas in criminal justice system where changes can be made. From the time you perceive that you have been a victim of a robbery, to the time you file a case through criminal lawyers, crime can be measured in a number of ways.

The two main sources of statistics are:

  • The number of crimes reported through Criminal Lawyer Hornsby or directly to the police
  • Direct input from the victims about their experience of crime.

Driving Offence

The extent of bodily injuries, and the level of treatment needed for the same will determine whether someone will be charged under this particular category of negligent driving. If you’re to be framed for dangerous driving causing corporal wounds or injuries, the police firstly, will have to substantially prove the same, and also prove that you were at the wheels during that time.

Medical Negligence Claim

You must be aware that there is a strict time limit set by every state to specify the duration during which a claimant is supposed to establish his claim. The general limit is three years though the laws are different in every state.