Safety Tips on Kids’ Scooter

Check whether your kids know how to handle the scooter before you leave them alone with it. Is your kid overly aggressive? Or is he/she unnaturally reticent? A personality analysis is necessary and don’t give a scooter to your kid if he/ she has some kind of behavioral issue.

Purchase a helmet for your kid when you are buying the scooter. Make sure you explain the significance of the helmet to your kid and be careful that your kid wears it everytime he/she decides to go for an impromptu scoot. Having a head injury is one of the most dangerous kind to have in childhood. You can also invest in knee and elbow pads.

Safe scooter riding tips

Guide your kids to first run the scooter on flat dry ground before proceeding to run it on slopes and hilly terrain.

Your child should be taught how to be street smart and traffic obedient. If your kid is scooting along happily on the pavement, he/she should have the sense to stop at curves and approaching driveways to prevent traffic from coming their way.

It’s a good idea to dress up your kids in brightly coloured clothes before they go out for a scoot. Visibility is important especially in the unfortunate incident of an accident so make sure kids are wearing clothes which are hard to miss.

Get strong sturdy shoes which can protect the feet of your tiny tots when they go out for a scoot. Make sure that you personally check the brakes of the scooter daily to see if they are working properly. Ask the manufacturer for replacement of parts if required.

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