Seaplanes Charters Philippines: Experience Subic from the Air

What could be more exciting than arriving directly to Subic Bay by a seaplane? With this kind of tour, you can immerse yourself in the island’s iconic beaches and even see the rainforest in a different perspective. Here are the more reasons why you should not miss trying Seaplanes Charters Philippines:

Bird’s Eye View

If ever there was a city suited to air travel, it is the island of Subic. Aside from witnessing the miles of coastline and crystal-clear water from above. You can also experience the spectacular rain forests and mountain peaks. There are lots of helicopter/ seaplane tour options that will suit your budget. This also offers convenience as you can book and pay online.

Sea Planes

Unique and Fun Experience

There are four popular beaches in Subic. If you want to explore these beaches for a short period, you must try Air Juan Seaplanes Charters Philippines. For less than an hour, you can now discover its magnificent resorts and reefs. This is highly recommended if you are staying in the place for only a couple of days.


Want to try seaplane on a budget? Yes, it’s possible. The flight starts for only $90 dollars per way. In addition, you save time as you don’t need to wait in line with big crowds. You can fly in your own time and company. Just make sure that you will remind the company of delays and changes. There are also discounts the firm offers if you book early so take advantage of that.

Subic, an island on Zambales, boasts an imposing skyline. No wonder, why this is an ideal place for a tranquil vacation, and one of the most visited destinations in the country. Aside from Subic Bay, you can also fly to Baler, Boracay, Puerto Galera and Coron, Palawan using Air Juan planes. To learn more about Seaplanes Charters Philippines, visit our website.