Security Screens for Home Owners with Pets

Most of the times people forget to secure their windows while going out and end up losing their pet cat or squirrel which would have escaped from the window. These terrible instances will not occur when your windows are protected with security screens. These screens can either be clasped to the window on a temporary basis or can be permanently fixed with the help of screws. Also materials which are resistant to pet scratches can be selected for neatness and durability of the screens.

Safe and strong

Best security screens in Brisbane are manufactured in the form of a mesh and are made of strong materials such as steel, aluminium, polyester and other corrosion resistant materials. Due to this reason, your pet will not be able to put their claws through the mesh and neither will they be able to chew it. This is a great advantage to the home owners and is quite economical in the long run. It reduces the tension of replacing the  fly screen every time and even the door can be maintained safely.

Provision of a flap

Finally, your security screens can be provided with a flap, which can be big or small depending on your pet’s size. These flaps can be kept open when you pet wants to go out and unleash its energy and also be closed with the help of clasps when you prefer to keep your pet inside home. These flaps allow the pets to move around freely without much restriction.