Services Provided by Cosmetic Dentists

Several people suffer from plague build-up that eventually leads to discoloured teeth. Some people may have consistent yellow to brown teeth due to other reasons too. Regular cleaning and brushing may not always help to solve the problem.

Cosmetic dentists  offer a range of teeth whitening solutions that can help prevent discolouration or whiten already discoloured teeth.

Tooth bleaching agents are used in the procedure. Teeth whitening procedures are in fact one of the most common dental treatments adhered to by most patients.

Gum lifts

Dentists also offer gum lifting procedures which typically involve raising and re-sculpting the gum line. The reason patients choose to undergo this procedure is to give the appearance of symmetrical teeth. Sometimes thin gums or low gums may cause the teeth to look like they are misaligned.

Bite fixing

Sometimes, the natural positioning of the teeth leads to problems when a person chews food and bites. This could be attributed to the teeth on the upper jaw being larger than those on the lower jaw or for several other reasons.

When a patient has problems with their bite, it leads to other complications eventually. The lips get affected and the bad bite can lead to wrinkles eventually. Bite fixing serves long-term purposes and is another common treatment in the list of cosmetic dental procedures.

Teeth straightening

Teeth straightening procedures are another common procedure that most patients prefer to undergo. Over the years, advancement in dentistry has led to marvellous teeth enhancing and straightening processes.

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