Should I Look For Campervans For Sale or Hire?

Australia is enormous, and to see all of its wild terrain and diverse wildlife, many people choose to buy or rent campervans. Campervans are the obvious solution to long distances and relative isolation, and a cost effective way to save on accommodation while immersing yourself in national parks and wilderness. The question is, which is best, looking for campervans for sale in Perth or hire?


How long do you plan on being in Australia? If you live there already and are looking for a good way for a weekend getaway, buying is an obvious choice. If you’re only going to be traveling for a week or so, it probably doesn’t make sense to look for campervans for sale when you’re just going to turn around and sell it a few days later. However, if you plan on staying in Australia for a few weeks or months, buying a campervan may actually be less expensive than hiring one.

Consider Cost

In order to calculate whether or not it’s worth it to buy or hire, total up your time frame and the estimated cost of hiring a campervan. Prices differ by season but most campervans for hire cost over $50 AUD a day. Obviously the cost of buying a campervan can vary greatly and is based on a lot of factors, like whether it’s used or new. However, it’s possible to find a used one in good condition for $10,000 AUD, sometimes as low as $4,000 if you just want the most basic options. Although it seems like a steep price, much of it can be recouped when you sell it back at the end of your trip. Don’t forget to include the costs of registration and insurance. Additionally, depending on which part of Australia you’re buying in, you may need to pay for a Certificate of Road Worthiness or RWC.


Before choosing one of the campervans for sale, look into what you’ll need to do to re-sell it, and whether it’s worth it for you. Sometimes it takes months to sell a campervan, and most people recommend bringing it back to the location where it was originally bought and popular international tourist destinations. This may mean having to schedule your vacation and flights around the re-sale.

Whatever you choose to do, looking for a campervan for sale or hire is definitely a good way to see Australia on a budget. Campervans come in many shapes and sizes, so there’s something out there for every level of comfort.