Signs your Water Tanks need to be replaced

Your rainwater tank is a useful investment for the future and it has served you faithfully for many years. You have been saving on water bills, reducing your water consumption and doing your bit towards the environment by using this tank. In the last few days you have kept wondering whether it’s time to replace your tank. However you keep postponing the replacement process as there are no apparent signs of wear and tear.

Look out for leakages

Any apparent signs of leakage should never be ignored. There are ways in which you can fix some primary leaks but there will be so many other leaks which cannot be repaired by simple means. In case the leaks can’t be fixed there will be regular wastage of tank water from this area. This is a situation where you can consider buying new rain water tanks.

Rusty bolts and nuts

In case of very old tanks which have seemed many summers of usage you will see that the bolts and the nuts of the tank have become rusty. It’s quite difficult to open thee bolts get them replaced and again install them. In fact there is no way you can take out individual nuts or replacement. If you keep the system running as it is then the water in the tank will get contaminated due to rust on these offending bolts and hinges. The only viable option is to get the entire rainwater tank replaced and get a fresh one that will serve you for many more years.