Simple Methods That Can Help You Keeping Your Floor As New As Ever

Floor mats which are placed at the entrance of every door leading to wooden flooring are the best way to keep the dust and mud particles away at the first place. As moist or damp mud stuck to shoes leaves impression on the floor and causes the texture to fade, wiping the shoes or feet on the door mat before entering the house is a good practise to follow.

Clean the wooden floor using no-wax wood cleaner

Wood cleaners which contain wax in them not only make the floor slippery, they also spoil the finish of the flooring. So always have a no-wax wood cleaner handy in any corner of your house, to clean up any spills or stains causing dirt to stick on the floor. First wipe off the dirt using a normal cloth and is any residue is left use the wood cleaner.

Keep the floor devoid of harmful chemicals

Wooden flooring needs extra care as it tends to look bad and patched if furniture polish or substances which contain chemicals are used. Hair sprays, nail polish remover and acids used to clean the marble floors should not come in contact with the wooden floor. Even if something spills, wipe it off immediately with a moist cloth and then with a dry cloth.

Hardwood Flooring Trends

The trend in the color of wooden flooring is also moving from different hues of brown to different finish colors ranging from whites, blacks, greys or even red. You can also buy unfinished flooring and change its color to different shades of rainbow colors. The choice of color however, should be that which matches with the interiors of your home. Colorful flooring portrays the attitude of the homeowner or the designer.

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