Smartphone Controlled Home Security

Home security is an essential part of our home that needs also a special attention. When you are traveling abroad or on a holiday, it is common to worry about your home. Nowadays, you can already use smartphones to control your home security!  Here’s how:

Enable MSS in your home

Motion surveillance systems are great for detecting any kind of unusual movement or activity at your home. There are several great applications available in the market which can be optimally paired with high quality cameras to give you a MSS option. Unlike normal security cameras MSS doesn’t record everything; they simply record stuff which deviated from normal routine.

MSS systems will send an alert to your smartphone that they are being switched on and you can then watch the entire footage from your phone. Think about it! You are in another part of the globe and monitoring the movements of your home from live footage streamed through wireless data transfer to your phone. This is how sophisticated security systems have become.

Solar electricity helps saving energy at home. You should try using this as it is also an environment-friendly.

Enable Lockitron

One of the cleverest security applications on the market is the smart Lockitron. This is a convenient system which allows you to first lock then unlock the various doors and security systems of your home using your smart phone. You can also send lock and unlock codes to friends and family so that they can also gain permissible control of your home. This technology which can be controlled through your smart phone will make life simpler and carefree for you.

You will be spared of the hassle of giving a spare key to your neighbour every time you travel for work or pleasure. You can also safeguard your privacy by making some areas of your home completely unapproachable by enabling sophisticated security systems (only operable by you).

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