Solar Power Hot Water Heaters

Have regular checkups done on your water heater system to test for leaks, damage and equipment failure, if you happen upon a problem earlier, than it is easy to fix it and it won’t cost you costly repairs in the future. The maintenance project should be done by professional installer who understand how it functions, and can check every part of it. Continuous use also tends to damage your solar power water heater. However, if you maintain it regularly, you won’t have a problem, and it will run efficiently.

Replacing broken down heaters

If the plumber recommends that the solar power heater is impossible to fix and requires replacement parts, check around to find a company that gives you a good price.

Use filtered water

As normal heaters suffer if the water entering them is tainted with harmful minerals, so does solar power water heaters. The two major problems are scaling and corrosion. Make sure that the water is filtered of harmful minerals like calcium to avoid damage to the heater. Continuous flow of tainted water or hard water significantly degrades your heater, and reduces its life span.

Scaling is the result of continuous flow of calcium rich water which creates mineral deposits in the hydronic solar heating system. The deposits can occur anywhere, in the distribution piping, heat exchanger etc. This scaling can be taken care of by using water softeners or introducing a mild acidic solution through the system after a couple of years. If the deposits have gotten in any other area, then you have to use special cleaning methods.