Solar Power Systems Components

Charge controllers are used to make sure that battery storage is not getting overcharged or discharged.Whenever batteries run out of energy, it allows the right amount of current to pass for charging. Along-with that it checks that there should not be an overflow of current because that can damage the batteries.

According to battery temperature, voltage points can be fixed at fast, gradual and trickle. A small setting of temperature can give a really long life to battery. Through charge controller, battery can be used in several different ways. Even at nights, battery can be prevented from discharge with the help of charge controllers.

Storage batteries

Storage batteries store energy generated by solar panels. For getting energy, storage batteries can be connected to inverter in different ways like parallel or series. Mainly, two kinds of storage batteries are in use. These are, flooded type and separate type.


Inverter which is the most important component provides back-up to the storage batteries. It works on the principal of converting direct current into alternating current. The main function of inverter is to transfer the extra energy generated by solar panels to the grid during day time and provide the electricity through storage batteries without bringing grids into use during nights.

There comes many varieties of inverters in the market, always make your choice on the basis of good track record of companies making inverters. Make sure that the solar power system chosen by you have high quality inverters installed in them.

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