Spa Vacations versus Day Spa

Day spas are much needed nowadays as people are busier with their works and other things. Thus, in result, day spa industry has been increasing now. There are those that can be found just around your neighborhood or just five minutes away from your office or home. Plenty of people visit spa to maintain their beauty and health care. They include manicure on their day spa, a body massage once a week and facial every month.

Other people take it as reward to themselves after a long holiday or day of working. Some love to go to spas to treat themselves a relaxing treat and a beauty bonus. Others who have had their first experience in the spa used gift certificates. It is a treat where you can be at rest and at peace for a couple of hours.

But what is the difference of day spa to a spa vacation or vice versa?

A day spa is a spa and place where you go to get facials, massage and body treatments such as mud wraps and salt scrubs. They are different from other spas as you spend at that place just in the day and not over the night.
On the other hand, spa vacation is almost the same but is different it terms of how long you stay on that spa. Most likely, mothers who want to treat themselves go to spa vacations as they want to experience all of the services offered.

Day spa cost a little less than a spa vacation since you just have to experience some of the amenities you want while on a spa vacation, you will experience all of the services offered because you have all the time in the world since spa vacation is like you are on a vacation abroad; it takes few days to finish.

Most of the spa users are women. All we know is that women loved to care and beautify themselves; then this is the reason. But, some men also are regular customers to both day spa and spa vacation.

Spa vacation would be a great treat for anyone who is over-exhausted with his or her everyday doings, not saying a day spa could not do that. It is just because you stay a little longer on a spa vacation than on a day spa where you have just limited hours.

In anyway, these both are just here to help us unwind, relax and distressed from  the busy and stressing environment. For a relaxing body massage, check