Standard Design of Ski Tubes

With the numerous options available in the market it is important that you know your own needs before you head out  and look for online sports store. This informative guide on the different kinds of ski tubes, their uses, and the kind of person who should buy them should help you out in this regard.

Ski Tube  Standard Designs

The standard design ski tube mimics a doughnut in that it large and inflatable with a small depression or “hole” in the middle. In many ways, this ski tube resembles a large inner tube. The riders have a choice of sitting on the inflated sides while their feet dangle in the hole, or lie across the sides on their stomachs with their rear in the hole, or just sit upright in the hole itself while their feet go over the inflated ends.

This ski tube can accommodate single or multiple riders depending on the design and size. It is great for a fun ride, but not so much for doing tricky stunts or for a speed filled ride.

Deck Design Ski Tubes

Shaped like a flat pancake, these tubes allow riders the opportunity to get closer to the water by laying flat across its surface. Again, a great option for a fun ride, but not so for much else.

Speciality Ski Tubes

Shaped in the same vein as a boat or canoe, these specially designed ski tubes can carry multiple riders. A “banana boat” which is also known as a “hot dog” is the perfect example for this kind. They are slower, heavier, and more expensive than other varieties and need special equipment.

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