Steps to Ensure your Formal Dinnerware Sets are Always Party Ready

Formal dinnerware is not something that you use for regular lunch or dinner. You take these out only when you are entertaining or on special occasions. For the rest of the time, such expensive crockery is stored in cabinets, away from dirt and danger.

Maintaining your Crockery

Regular maintenance can go a long way in ensuring that your formal dinnerware  and other kitchen equipment stays in top condition and ready for use whenever you may want to. Once a month, check all your dinnerware and dust them thoroughly using a soft cloth.

You may also take them out and put them under the sun for a few hours. This will eliminate any foul odour from the pieces that may have accumulated during prolonged storage. Your dinnerware will thus be ready for use any time of the day without causing any embarrassment to you.

Cleaning your Crockery

You would definitely not want to serve your guests on crockery that is stained with stale food colour or coffee or tea stains. However, such stains do form on most dinnerware during regular use. It is best to remove such stains the moment you notice them. Never use harsh chemical bleaches or detergents to remove stains. Instead rely on the natural power of lemon juice and vinegar to do the job.

Always wash crockery thoroughly immediately after each use with a mild soap solution and sponge. Allow to dry naturally and then store as indicated above. Your formal dinnerware set will remain in top condition and ready for your next party.