Teaching CSR Corporate Team Building

For all the volunteers in the CSR program (especially if it’s their first one) the experience is life changing. The experience of doing something without any kind of negativity or ulterior motive can be refreshing. An act of CSR is only targeted towards helping a community or promoted a cause so it’s something which solely aims at helping others.

When volunteers/employees experience the way that their actions transform the life of hundreds of recipients they will feel an inherent flow of cohesiveness to the cause and to their fellow participants.

How to engage teams in sustainable CSR activities?

There is a dual aim of promoting teamwork and helping the less privileged sectors of society in this case. Organizations can start off by dividing employees into small groups or teams who are asked to pick a task which is closest to their hearts.

The task may involve an active partnership with local communities which are working towards education, healthcare and protecting the rights of minorities.

Interested participants can also volunteer to set up their own distress relief camps in areas affected by natural disasters This job will require allocation of responsibilities, multi tasking and coordination, all of which foster team spirit and camaraderie.

CSR can start off with small things acts too. Simply organizing a drive where employees collect old woolen clothes and distribute it amongst the poor will require marketing, organizing and coordinating skills (displayed by the employees).

An organization which actively engages in corporate team building over a long term is sure to reap rich dividends in the future.